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Specialized Property Management is pleased to announce a fully-integrated solution for the real estate investor with a partnership with Done For You Real Estate (DFY).
 DALLAS, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Specialized Property Management is pleased to announce a fully-integrated solution for the real estate investor with our partnership with Done For You Real Estate (DFY).  Since 2007, the DFY team has transacted more than 4000 investment properties. Done For You Real Estate is the trusted solution for busy and successful people looking to add real estate income to their investment portfolio. DFY has successfully brought to the individual investor on Mainstreet, what institutional investors have been doing for Wall Street. The partnership between Specialized and DFY forges an alliance between two companies who emphasize the importance of trust and integrity, with an overall focus on consistently placing the needs of the client first. The symbiotic core values of both Specialized and DFY provide a unique customer experience for all real estate investors.
Regarding the partnership, DFY’s CEO, Steve Earl states, “we are extremely pleased with our new partnership with Specialized Property Management. Two companies working so closely together, whose values and organizational principles are so aligned, is a powerful combination. I am confident that our clients’ experience owning single-family home investments will be elevated, and their ability to own property in multiple markets will be more easily facilitated. I am also excited about the many synergies we share with Specialized Property Management. The partnership between our companies opens doors and opportunities that did not exist prior to this collaboration.”
Rodd Schifferdecker, Vice President of Market Expansion for Specialized Property Management says of the cooperative venture, “This partnership now provides Specialized and DFY clients an unparalleled best-in-class service offering. DFY shares the same vision and upholds the same level of integrity as we do at Specialized, and that is what makes this relationship so special. Their ability to educate and guide the investor client through the purchase process is second to none. Backed by the most experienced team and innovative technology, this partnership aids our expansion into 5 new markets this year, allowing thousands of investors to maximize investment returns.
Specialized’s proprietary technology platform, Rental-iQ™, utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data-driven predictive models, providing a comprehensive view of the rental market, enabling real-time insights into maintenance, leasing, and the property and tenant performance. Based on this data, informed, reliable decisions are made that not only result in a better experience for clients, but also a higher return on investment than competitors can offer. The platform is leveling the playing field, allowing first time investors able to compete and evaluate, purchase and own residential investment properties with confidence from anywhere in the world. Partnering with DFY further differentiates Specialized from other property management companies by pairing real estate investment opportunities with the comprehensive oversight of property assets – from researching and purchasing homes, to inspections and leasing, to rent collection and maintenance.
About Specialized Property Management
Specialized Property Management is one of the largest and fastest growing real estate management providers. The firm provides complete residential property management for homeowners, investors, and institutional funds, including comprehensive leasing, marketing, screening, maintenance, collections, compliance, asset acquisition and disposition and accounting services. Its rigorous management protocol is supported by an experienced team and a proprietary technology platform that is pioneering new levels of data-driven performance for single-family rental management and investing. The Specialized management team has managed more single family rental homes than any other company in the industry, and the company’s proprietary technology continues to manage rental properties with precision. Specialized is recognized as the industry-leading management experts on whom investors can rely for successful and predictable results and performance. The company combines best-in-class management methodologies with innovative ever-advancing technology to create a superior customer experience. The Specialized team believes that people come first, and they strive to listen carefully, communicate professionally, and treat others as they wish to be treated in order to create a win-win rental experience for both owners and residents. Specialized hires only the most talented, intelligent, and agile performers who continually strive to go above and beyond for their customers.
For more information, visit Specialized247.com.
Zane Hansen
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