Real estate, home sales recorded in Macomb, McDonough County – McDonough Voice

Following are real estate transfers recorded in McDonough County Sept. 12-21.
• 628 N Edwards St., Macomb: $6,500/Shannon Kellogg and Jeffrey Kellogg to Nicole Neavear and Kenneth Neaver
• 1210 E Wheeler St., Macomb: $45,000/Joan Orr to David King
• 105 E North St., Macomb: $78,000/Cindy K Feld to Martha Stodolny
• 14857 E 750th St., Macomb: $1,134,500/Dennis M Ruebush to Escapes Illinois LLC
• 1356 Parkview Dr., Macomb: $105,000/Maureen Nation to Jamie Bainter
• 410 W Market St., Macomb: $70,000/Jennifer L Woodrum to Amber McCabe
• N 600th Rd., Colchester: $15,500/Stephen E and Christine Schrock to Daniel and Chelsea Wherley
• 1154 Debbie Ln., Macomb: $165,000/Ryan G Richards and Victori C Richards Revocable Trusts Agreement dated March 8, 2021 to Drew Stivers
• Bushnell: $4,000/James L Hoyle to Checkrow Community Church
• 146 Cherokee Rd., Macomb: $325,000/Mark D and Jill D Whiteside to James Matthew Waldon
• E 1100th Rd., Macomb: $20,000/Karl L Ruebush to Jacob Fentem
• 6 West Side Square, Macomb: $75,000/Matthew J Kipling and Timothy N Kipling, individually and as general partners of Vectus Partnership, an IL general partnership to KJ Kelso, LLC, an Illinois LLC
• 815 Madelyn Ave., Macomb: $63,500/Bryan C Barker to Daniel F and Pamela M Barker
• 806 N Crafford St., Bushnell: $77,000/Margie L Statler to Ryan Reimolds
• 115 S Dean St., Bushnell:$52,500/Daniel J and Cindy L Roberts to Runyan Enterprises, Inc
• 605 W Adams St., Blandinsville: $85,000/Linda C Hironimus to Aaron and Brittany Mowen
• 301 E Walker St., Macomb: $32,350/Nathan Benjamin Ramos to Dula Property Management, LLC
• 317 S Clay St., Macomb: $32,350/Nathan Benjamin Ramos to Dula Property Management, LLC
• 311 S Clay St., Macomb/11-400-275-05/51’x195’/$25,000/Nathan Benjamin Ramos to Dulay Property Management, LLC
• 103 Penny Ln., Macomb: $158,700/Brandon and Kelly Nelson to Alex and Karen Tronvig
• 716 N Albert St., Macomb: $34,000/Scott R Collins to Asael Baez
• 301 Meadow Dr., Macomb: $119,680/Kevin D and Carlene F Meunier to Jarron Hale
• 794 N Crafford St., Bushnell: $60,000/Margie L Statler to Devon M and Rebekkah J Raleigh
• 215 E Lincoln St., Good Hope: $38,000/Megan Thompson n/k/a Meagan Danner to Cleo Shafer
• 306 S Mechanic St., Macomb: $55,418/Jeffrey A Fouts and Bridgette E Avery f/k/a Bridgette E Fouts
• 233 E Jackson St., Macomb: $90,000/Thomas E Duvall to Weaver Guns and Ammo, Inc, An Illinois Corporation
• 428 N Monroe St., Macomb: $27,000/Chad Forman to Webster Investment Properties, LLC


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