Manufactured Home Park Management Company Settles With AG's Office Over Threats – KNSI

(KNSI) — Manufactured home park residents may feel relief after a property management company has agreed to a settlement with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.
Summit Management, LLC, which owns nine such parks across the state, including St. Cloud, was accused of “conducting stringent and invasive inspections of residents’ homes” and then sending letters demanding they perform expensive and time consuming work. Demands – up to 20 for some residents – included they “repaint their entire house, paint sheds to match the house, remove sheds, remove replace windows, replace siding, replace decks, and other orders for which residents had no prior warning,” according to a press release. Residents said they were also threatened with eviction for something as minor as not thoroughly weeding their yards or placing a garden hose somewhere other than where the park manager approved.
Those letters often included a 30 day eviction notice if the work wasn’t done and residents said the rules were being enforced suddenly and aggressively.
The AG’s office notified Summit Management it was violating Minnesota law surrounding manufactured home park rentals and sent a cease and desist to the company to prevent them from sending out eviction notices.
Summit Management has agreed to retract the eviction threats. The company has also committed to refining its inspection and rule-violation notification process so that it complies with the law.
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