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Adelaide Elliott//Associate Editor//January 19, 2023
5 Powerful Takeaways on Brand Building from Real Estate Broker, Influencer Egypt Sherrod
Egypt Sherrod and Justin Q. Williams sat down for a conversation on brand building at January’s Atlanta Market.
Adelaide Elliott//Associate Editor//January 19, 2023
What is your brand? What is your 60-second elevator pitch to someone about you and your business? Do you have a sentence-long description of your brand? Are you building on it for the future? Those questions and more were tackled by radio and television personality, real estate broker, television producer, interior designer and influencer Egypt Sherrod in a conversation with interior designer, furniture designer and television personality Justin Q. Williams last week in a seminar conversation at January’s Atlanta Market.
Sherrod credits her ability to build on and transform her brand as the foundation to the many hats she wears today and has worn throughout her life.
“I feel like I’ve lived nine lives with my careers,” Sherrod said with a laugh. “Branding has made a lot of those changes possible.”
To help you feel just as prepared for the changes that are inevitably headed your brand’s way this year and beyond, here are five tips from Sherrod and Williams on how to fortify, diversify and pivot your personal brand and your professional brand.
For Sherrod, the first lesson to keep in mind when approaching brand building is that everyone and everything is already a brand.
“I believe that we are all a brand, whether you even realize it or not,” explained Sherrod. “If you work for a company, you’re a brand within a brand. A brand is your reputation and your unique value composition.”
In Sherrod’s view, brand building is inevitable because, even if you are not actively working to build your brand or your company’s brand, it is growing and changing around you as people react to what you do, stand for and produce.
“People are going to think about you and your business… why wouldn’t you want to shape that opinion,” Sherrod questioned.
When it comes to advice on brand building, Sherrod noted that Oprah Winfrey herself gave her some of the best words of wisdom she has received to date.
“She’s a huge brand. A huge personal brand and business brand,” said Sherrod. “Everything she touches turns to gold and I said to her ‘just how are you able to do this but also have such a pure brand?’”
Per Sherrod’s retelling, Winfrey stressed the importance of intentionality and saying “no” to some things simply because it is not the message she wants to put out there.
“Sometimes you’ll have really great opportunities, and it will come with a really big paycheck,” she explained. “And those are the times where you have to say ‘Is this on message? Where is this going to take me long-term?’”
Winfrey also advised Sherrod to think more about her long-term legacy versus her message today.
“If you left this earth today, what would you be known for” Sherrod questioned. “Can you be proud of it? If so then be persistent with it and consistent.
Persistence in branding is one of the most important reminders Sherrod returned to throughout her conversation with Williams.
“It literally takes six points of contact with someone on average before they finally get it or hear you or see you,” she said. “So you have to be persistent and consistent with your message… Today with social media we have all these free marketing tools to make that contact and we can curate what we want the public to know, see, hear and think about us, but only if we are persistent and consistent with building the platform.”
Though it may take an additional five points of contact to finally build a solid relationship and understanding between you and a customer, business partner and/or community member, that first impression still sets the biggest tone for many.
Your 60-second pitch is still super important, because you only get one shot to get this person to consider giving you those next five encounters,” noted Sherrod.
For Sherrod, her literal 60-second “sizzle reel” video pitch of her family won her a spot on HGTV after she decided on a whim to send it over and just see what the team had to say.
“That’s how important that pitch for your brand can be,” she added. “Now I’m here, 19 million viewers later.”
Williams worked with other professionals he respected to shape and edit his pitch, a one sentence explanation of his style, professional goals and personal taste.
Once you have your pitch and brand down, Sherrod and Williams are both quick to note that you are not done. In fact, per their experience, you are never really done branding yourself or your business.
“One thing about my personality type is that I make up my mind to do something, and I go so hard in the paint for it, because I want to to be unstoppable,” explained Sherrod. “And that’s great and it works, until you change your mind and you start to grow, as we should all want to do on our journey. Then you become so known for that one that people start to look at you crazy when you start doing something else.”
So, Sherrod had to learn to leave room for growth, not committing herself to one thing or one of her talents. The easiest way to do that? Branding forward.
“Don’t plan for where you are and what you’re doing now,” she said. “Brand for your next…When you know that you have a goal to expand your business or your personal brand really take some time with that and then intentionally integrate it into your now.”
In Sherrrod’s own life and career, branding forwarding made it possible for her to take the leap from radio personality to real estate broker early on in her career.
When she realized she would not be doing radio forever she took some time to decide what was next, settled on real estate and then started telling stories on air about her misadventures getting into the business. With that, her secondary career became public knowledge and part of her brand.
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